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Law clerk services to support lawyers, attorneys, experts and in-house legal departments in preparing cases for court and tribunals

Assisting in preparing for opinions, examinations for discovery, mediations, settlement conferences, pre-trials, trials, hearings and dispute resolutions.

Supporting business in controlling legal costs.

Assisting in maintaining legal documents for businesses without in-house legal departments.

Experienced in managing cases and evidence; coordinating witnesses, experts and private investigators.

Law Clerk and Legal Writing Services

Services and rate structure



Law clerks help you manage your business liability with legal document management.

Your legal support consultant on call

maintain legal office

review, brief and alert you to issues

organize and summarize to save you legal fees

Lawyers and Attorneys

Law clerks support all phases of litigation and tribunals.

Assistance when needed

drafting pleadings, reviewing undertakings, etc.

write pre-trial, mediation and settlement memos

free up time for business development


Law clerks understand the importance of the litigation process and help to focus on the issues and streamline preparations.

Legal Analysis

organize and summarize documents

analysis of conflicting evidence

improved work process with focused issues

Supporting litigation prevention and preparations

Litigation Paraprofessional Legal Writing


Litigation law clerks are paraprofessionals and contribute to overall cost-effectiveness by streamlining the process and focusing the issues.


Reduce or eliminate litigation costs

Save Money

Reduced costs (on payroll, overhead, training, etc.)


Scale your business


Add different skills to your team


Keep your staff's workload manageable by outsourcing as needed


Work to your deadline

Recoverable Fees (during litigation)

Courts may allow costs recovery for paraprofessional services

What will your law clerk and legal writer do for you?


Document Management

electronic document review

organize with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software



Case Preparation

identify key documents for production

assess relevant issues

compare opposing opinions or evidence


Legal Writing

identify gaps in evidence

formulate argument to support case theory

write persuasive memos and statements; prepare documents

The Benefits of Delegating Your Substantial Legal Work to a Freelance Law Clerk

Law clerks provide assistance to lawyers by taking on tasks that the lawyers themselves would do in the absence of a law clerk. In litigation, this may involve anything other than providing legal opinion, which is of course, reserved for lawyers. Law clerks are involved in organizing, reviewing and analyzing the evidence. Law clerks assist lawyers by identifying gaps in the story as presented by the evidence, creating questions for further enquiry, speaking to witnesses, finding the right expert to provide an opinion or preparing the numerous documents that come with a lawsuit. evokate's freelance remote law clerk service provides lawyers anywhere with assistance in any aspect of litigation. From reviewing transcripts and preparing undertakings charts to reviewing an entire case to prepare a mediation argument, when you delegate an assignment to evokate, your own 'to-do' list improves!

Gain more time to build your business, develop client relations or do the pure law in legal work!

evokate provides quality remote freelance law clerk and legal writing services.

Areas of law - freelance law clerk

Legal writing performed by a law clerk instead of a lawyer can reduce overall legal costs.

Substantial billable law clerk work is provided by an experienced legal professional.

Some areas of legal work include:
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Long term disability benefits
  • Corporate and commercial litigation
  • Insurance defence tort
  • Complex pediatric injury
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property

Businesses with small or no in-house legal departments benefit by working with an independent law clerk.

evokate's law clerk service assists businesses in managing their risks and helps them to make the most of hiring a lawyer.

evokate provides legal document drafting and management, so that your lawyer can quickly and easily finalize documents.

evokate helps you to manage your risks by considering your insurance coverage; assessing your processes and drafting contracts, policies and procedures, formal communications, training modules and more! (Legal documents drafted by a law clerk are ready for review and final authorization by a lawyer.)

Gain more time to build your business, develop client relations and save money on legal fees!

evokate provides quality law clerk and legal writing services, helping businesses in risk management.

Why work with evokate?

evokate's founder, Shannon Baker, has over 15 years of experience as a Law Clerk in prominent law firms.

She has a law clerk certificate from the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Art History (Dean's Honour List), a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma in Interior Design. She thrives on learning anything new and analyzing your issues.

Most recently, she worked for the National Litigation Leader partner at international law firm, McCarthy Tetrault LLP, where she was involved in education law. She independently managed cases for lawyers and attended hearings as their assistant. She was involved in negotiating settlements with opposing counsel, preparing all documents, preparing case arguments, reviewing all evidence and identifying inconsistencies and key facts, obtaining relevant evidence, identifying witnesses, coordinating interviews and attendances at hearings, conducting legal research and advising on penalty.

Prior to that, Shannon worked at a prominent insurance defence firm, on the Managing Partner's team where she was actively involved in managing cases and overseeing expert retainers and investigations. She drafted original mediation arguments which contributed to their high success rate in settlements. She also worked at a large Toronto firm for a senior partner and a small partnership in Hamilton where she gained insight into commercial, administrative, environmental and employment litigation issues.

As an independent law clerk, Shannon works with clients internationally and her ability to quickly synthesize information and apply it in various jurisdictions helps her clients work effectively and efficiently. She is proud to regularly contribute to a team with a 100% success rate for their clients!

These experiences help Shannon to advise on how businesses may protect themselves. She understands the litigation process, what insurance companies look for when defending a business and how businesses can mitigate their risks.

Whether you are a lawyer, expert or business, let evokate streamline your legal processes.

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