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Corporate Social Responsibility

New school award encourages tomorrow’s leaders

evokate, a locally based communications company with international reach, announces inaugural Love of Learning Award

June 2019

The evokate Love of Learning Award recognizes the importance of open-minded, curious exploration for lifelong learning and personal growth. The award recognizes a student in Grade 6 who shows intense interest in learning, both inside and outside of the classroom. It is not a marks-based award. Rather, it rewards a student who shows motivation, curiosity and initiative for their own learning in and beyond the classroom.

“Our economy is changing and the jobs that mature generations trained for are changing. Today’s children will require an entirely different skillset to compete in the future. The challenges they face include a global economy where companies more and more are taking advantage of talent from around the world. Virtual working and strategically located satellite offices are only two examples of the competitive nature of our future,” says evokate President, Shannon Baker.

Ms. Baker continues, “Technology is drastically changing everything we do. So many jobs are being replaced by automated robots. Think of the touch screens for ordering food, or the self check-outs at grocery stores and banks. If a task is routine, repetitive and predictable, it will most likely be replaced by a machine.” She believes that developing a healthy habit for ongoing learning will enable students to adjust to change as well as be leaders for change.

Ms. Baker thinks that jobs involving human creativity and complex analysis will drive our future. Technology is changing our lives at an unprecedented rate and this provides so much opportunity for young people to learn, discover, grow and contribute to our future. “It’s so important that young people discover their passion!”

The award is designed to encourage independent learning. Various criteria for the award are set out. Teachers are instructed to select a student who best exemplifies curiosity, independent learning, respect for their learning environment, initiative, enthusiasm, confidence, critical thinking and more.

This year’s inaugural award is going to a grade 6 student at St. Timothy School in Kitchener, Ontario. Ms. Baker has a personal connection to the school. The winning student will have their name displayed on the school’s award wall and will receive a take-home plaque. Additionally, the winning student will receive a $100.00 gift card for Indigo to support their independent love of learning. The winner will be announced later in June.

A. Mandekic is the 2019 Inaugural Winner of evokate's Love of Learning Award!

July 2019

evokate's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Freedom to Thrive is our motto.

Our hope is that all people that we work with will have the skills and opportunities to be their best self. We operate ethically and are dedicated to creating a culture that values and respects all people in our social footprint.

evokate is committed to working with all people to create a positive culture where we all have the freedom to thrive.

Textual, Visual and Digital Literacy

evokate values multiple forms of literacy: textual, visual and digital.

evokate is committed to improving literacy skills of people in its community. Literacy enables the freedom to thrive.


evokate values creativity exhibited by artists in all media. evokate is dedicated to supporting artists. Creativity creates the freedom to thrive.


evokate values life-long learning and is committed to supporting the ongoing learning of people in its social footprint. Learning empowers the freedom to thrive.


evokate operates in a nearly paperless office.

Please check back soon for more details of how evokate carries out its social responsibility. You can also contact us if you have a project that aligns with our values.

For further information, please contact:
Shannon Baker, President